NanoBrows Treatment in Calgary

Lustrous Permanent Beauty now offers Nano Brows or Nanoblading as part of your beauty treatment to keep you feeling confident and beautiful.

What is nanoblading or nanobrows?

Nanoblading or nanobrows is a type of permanent make-up applied to the eyebrows. It is a variation on the technique of microblading based on the same principle of applying pigment in hair like strokes to the eyebrows. These strokes look like additional eyebrow hair and make the eyebrows look fuller. As the pigment is semi-permanent, it can last for years depending on an individual’s skin and how well they are maintained. Nanoblading is considered more natural looking than microblading as the hair strokes are smaller diameter and more convincingly resemble eyebrow hairs than microblading.

What is the difference between microblading and nanoblading/nanobrows?

The difference between microblading and nanobrows/nanoblading is in the application of the pigment into the skin. Where microblading uses a tool with small blades to penetrate the skin, nanoblading uses a vibrating needle of only 0.18mm diameter to deposit pigment into the skin. There is no change in the customization of the pigment to match the facial characteristics of the client. Discomfort during the procedure is minimal just like microblading due to the use of topical numbing creams applied before and during the treatment. There are some advantages to nanoblading over microblading however.

What are the advantages of nanoblading/nanobrows?

  1. Nanobrows has a more even pigment distribution to the eyebrow. (See an explanation below)

  2. The nanobrow procedure requires less frequent touch-ups than microblading as the pigment lasts longer.

  3. Over a long period of time, nanobrows last longer and have more consistent results

  4. In comparison to the microblading procedure, nanoblading or nanobrows is a much cleaner process as the pigment contacts a much smaller area due to the size of the needle. This means less excess run-off.

  5. As penetration of the skin occurs with a smaller device, healing time for nanobrows is quicker than with microblading

Why is the pigment more evenly distributed using nanoblading/nanobrows?

As nanoblading uses a machine to deposited the pigment, the distribution of colour to the eyebrow is more even. This avoids the minor variations that can occur in microblading which can result in follow-up visits for additional treatment. These variations occur due to changes in the amount of pressure applied to the microblading tool. This causes pigment deposition at varying depths in the skin resulting in lighter and darker areas. Depth of penetration is more consistent in nanoblading and nanobrows.

What are the disadvantages of nanoblading or nanobrows?

The only disadvantage of nanoblading or nanobrows is the short-term cost. It is more expensive than microblading for the initial treatment, however, the argument could be made that in the long-term, it is comparable due to the longer periods between follow-up appointments for a colour boost. As it is a superior treatment, it will provide you with lasting results. The best way to reduce costs is to talk to your microblading/nanoblading specialist about how to care for your eyebrows and prolong the interval between visits.

What is the process for nanoblading or nanobrows?

As the technique is similar to microblading, the process for treatment is also very similar.

  1. The first step is consulting with your nanobrows specialist Sudoba to determine how you want your eyebrows to look at the end of the procedure. This includes shape and colour of the pigment which can be customized to match the unique facial features and skin tone of each client. Determining these factors ensures you are totally happy with the outcome before even starting.

  2. Once the design has been determined, topical numbing cream is applied and during the procedure, topical anaesthetics are also used to ensure complete comfort throughout the procedure.

  3. At this point the procedure begins. It can take anything from 1-3 hours depending on the amount of area that needs treated and how much eyebrow hair is remaining.

What is the nanobrows or nanoblading aftercare?

These are the important factors in the nanobrows aftercare process:

  1. In a similar manner to any permanent makeup treatment, you may have some mild redness, swelling, itching and scabbing in the treated area post-procedure. It is important to not interfere with the healing process as any side effects will subside within a few days.

  2. Avoiding itching or removing scabs is important as this can affect the pigment embedded in the skin.

  3. Avoid water contacting nanobrows for up to seven days after treatment. The rest of the face can be cleansed carfully.

  4. Pigment in the eyebrows will be darker for the first few days but the true shade will reveal after healing has occurred.

  5. Avoid applying any makeup, creams or serums to the area until healing has completed.

  6. You can apply some lotion to the area to prevent it drying out.

  7. Minimise sun exposure or light based therapies the result of your treatment.

  8. Avoid excessive sweating and water based sports following treatment. Minimizing these long-term will prolong the results of your nanobrow treatment.

  9. Discuss these and other aftercare criteria with your nanobrow specialist.

See our microblading aftercare and FAQs section for more details.

Where can I get more information about nanobrows and nanoblading?

Contact nanobrows specialist Sudoba to answer your questions about nanoblading or to book the first step in getting the eyebrows you have always wanted.